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  • nicholaspaulbarclay

    I second this - YNAB is great at this, if I mark an outgoing payment in account A as a transfer to account B, it automatically finds the corresponding incoming payment in B and marks it as a transfer from A.

    Buxfer doesn't seem to do this at the moment and instead adds a duplicate incoming transaction in B. Surely this isn't designed correctly?

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  • Steve Purkis

    To the Product Dev Team: Please prioritise this, it will make ditching QBO a no-brainer :)

    I've just come across this too as part of my evaluation...  It's definitely wrong, and despite being impressed by the level of functionality Buxfer offers at their price point, I'm torn as this was on my dealbreaker list!

    Most other accounting packages I've used do automatic transfer matching, allowing for manual matching as needed.  Creating a duplicate transaction where there is already a matching one in the other account is WRONG - it throws off the balance.  Deleting the transaction in the other account is also wrong -- it adds manual work, and risks messing up reconciled balances and future transaction sync'ing with your bank (creating hard-to-find errors, and more work!).

    Feature for the Product Team:
    • Given: I have made a transfer between two of my bank accounts,
    • When: Buxfer downloads the transactions to both Source account and Destination account,
    • Then: I want these transactions to be automatically marked as *THE SAME* transfer so that I can account for them, and avoid headaches when reconciling.

    There are edge cases to consider, for sure... like what if you only download from source or destination account.  In that case (I'd expect an unmatched transfer to be created, maybe with an error flag on the relevant transaction), different numbers due to Forex transfers or transfer fees.  If you started with manual matching, and the happy-path above, that would be good enough :)

    I hope this helps,


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