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    Previously, we calculated Available to Budget = Total Income - Budgeted Expenses - Non-budgeted Expenses.

    Essentially, this is your income that is "available to budget".


    Recently, we made some significant improvements in this area where we adopt a similar calculation as YNAB. We now have a "To Be Budgeted" which mirrors the one you were familiar with at YNAB.

    We continue to have a "Available Income" figure, which is based on the above income formula for users who don't want to budget their entire cash in their accounts, but instead, want to simply budget out of their income for any given period.

    Unlike YNAB, we do not force any one method on you. You can choose the one that works best for your situation. Personal finance is personal after all.


    We do support transferring money. If you hover over the available amount for a budget, you should see an action that lets you transfer money. This is not yet supported in our mobile apps (working on it!)

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