Reconciliation needs to be greatly improved



  • David Harkins

    Your comments are seconded from me.

    I find this highly frustrating and time consuming.  What's also more annoying is that a Sync will cause the 'Starting Balance' to be changed, which throws out the running balance and the whole reconciliation process.  This occurs when some transactions are:

    • not sync'd correctly 
    • Duplicates sync'd and then marked as duplicate.  (Why mark them as duplicate anyway, just stop duplicates being logged)
    • Some banks have pending transactions and while these are sync'd as pending, the ending balance from the online account takes these into account.  which again causes issues with the running balance.
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  • David Harkins

    Also, when using transfer transaction types, it may be reconciled in one account and not the other.

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  • Steve Purkis

    And "thirded" by me!

    I submitted these suggestions to Buxfer Support before I found this, sharing here:

    Hi there,

    I’ve found that reconciling takes a lot of clicks... here are some product ideas that could really simplify it for users, improving the experience:

    1. Show a "Reconciled | Cleared | Pending" option when you select one or more transactions on account pages. (eg: next to Edit)

    2. Keep the account balance column in the Reconcile screen. It helps to spot transactions that are wrong. This is particularly helpful if you are estimating future income / expenses, and then reconciling after the actuals have been incurred.

    3. Show the delta between the synced bank balance, and the current bank balance at the top of the reconciled screen. Pin it to the top, so you can still see it when you scroll.

    4. Shift-click to select multiple rows in all transaction lists (click one to start, shift-click to select everything in between).

    5. Show a Status column in transaction lists, and allow user to toggle between Reconciled → Cleared → Pending (like tags & account). (Use icons to reduce width taken up?)

    6. Grey-out reconciled transactions in reconcile view (to call out transactions)

    7. Preserve the scroll-position when updating transactions (jumping back to top causes you to loose focus, and spend time finding where you were)

    8. Allow user to enter a reconciled balance & date of their choosing, so they can focus on a subset of transactions. Only show transactions up to this date.

    I hope this helps,

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