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  • bbrito

    I also tried to login all day. What's the problem? I'm thinking to migrate to Buxfer and I've just paid one month for now. But now I'm worried about it.

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  • Kris Johnson

    Hi Bergpati,


    I joined yesterday and spent hours learning it.  Since yesterday (European time), the server has been down.

    This is far too long and without an advanced warning.  I like the product, but feel the product is slowly dying (lack of support, lack of company engagement, lack of marketing, training and start up guides, and finally no company response to the comments and support requests on this sub-domain site.).


    Having said it, I like the product so far.  I am especially happy that I can import all international accounts!



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  • bbrito

    I've liked the product as well. I learned it a lot these days.

    But, as you've said: it is slowly dying. There for, I really worried about to migrate.

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  • neelesh.sah

    What is happening. Is the company still operational or closed.

    No update from anyone what is happening, not able to access anything since yesterday.

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  • bbrito

    There was technical difficulties, but their site is working again.

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  • neelesh.sah

    Confirm that it is working now. It would have been good, if they updated the customers that their is a problem going on. Since they have got all the financial information for the customers, it is concerning if you can'tt access a site for over 24 hours and their is no update from them of what is happening.

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  • pal-mendes

    I joined Buxfer in the beginning of January and paid for one year. I like many of its characteristics:

    • Account synchronization using PSD2 and screen scraping
    • Web and mobile app access
    • Good import from CSV (although it doesn't support the memo field,making it impossible to restore your history)
    • Flexible support of tags
    • Possibility to have rules to explicitly specify the tags to be used - this is remarkable
    • Bulk edition of transactions
    • You can set a transaction as reconciled
    • Support of split transactions
    • Advanced search: text, amount, tags, accounts
    • Transaction types to suit all my needs: refunds are not incomes
    • Some of the bugs I have reported have already been solved - took them a few weeks.
    • The Android app is relatively recent, with the last update on 2020-02-26
    • Affordable lower plans for my needs (pilot is around 2USD/month)

    Unfortunately, there are also some problems:

    • The pilot plan only allows for 10 tagging rules, the same as for non-paying customers
    • Unable to import the memo field using CSV
    • Some unexpected bugs for a software that has many years
    • Some of the bugs I reported are not solved
    • Automatic tagging has a strange behavior. It seems not to learn from your actions to correct the tag for other similar transactions. And no explanation exists on how the process works.
    • When you split a transaction, you have to manually do the calculations
    • Sorting the transaction list by amount doesn't work because it doesn't consider the column as numeric => fixed on 2020-06-05
    • There is no way you can set the transaction list to show the transactions in the same order as your bank statement. It makes it harder to reconcile. I wish you could set the time (not only the date).
    • If your bank reimburses you today for a wrong charge 3 months ago, Buxfer will show that transaction with the 3 months old date, but the bank shows it with today's date at your statement
    • You can not search for a transaction using text you inserted at the memo field
    • You are unable to search for a transaction using text if it consists of a substring that has a character such as "-" or "/" or others behind it
    • When you mark transactions as duplicate, the balance is messed up and you need to sync with the bank to fix the current balance
    • A few duplicate transactions occasionally show up when syncing from the bank
    • There's no information on the web software version so that you know if it is being maintained

     I have tried, and paid for some, a few other alternatives, such as MoneyWiz, Mobills, Wallet, Spendee, Bluecoins, Toshl and Fentury. If I found some software without the above Buxfer disadvantages, I would switch immediately to it. It takes a lot of effort to migrate, and you need a few weeks to find out the new problems.

    What do you think?

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